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I was suffering from stress and depression and the I get counselling from Dr Anitha. She is the best doctor who healed me up and realised me that I can survive without anyone I like to thank her and I like to thank the Dr Abhijit who referred me Dr Anitha. Best hospital to choose if you any neurological illness thank you @preranahospital

Ramya P.R

Amazing staff gave me excellent care made me about as comfortable as I could. kind and caring from the moment entered I just would like to thank and commend them all for making my experience as nice it could possible be.

Dr. Anitha shetty did a great job with my first ever health axam .great experience with first timer she is incredible wonder full expearience from start to finish.

Ravi Kumar

The nurses were gentle, cordial and very well trained. The hospital processes are well stream lined which made our transactions with them were smooth and effecient. Definitely recommend their service. Special thanks to the nursing department for being so patient with my mother's post surgical care in the ward, it made her healing process all the more quicker. Much appreciated!

Bibi Ayesha

Our experience at this hospital was very pleasant. Nurses and doctors very truly concerned and polite. Security , cafeteria , insurance, all these departments co-operated well… Thanks to Dr. Abhijith for giving us enough knowledge on the disease, which helped us take care of the patient with all the necessary cautions.

Abhishek RM

My experience with this hospital, Dr.Abhijit, Miss Neha and the rest of the staff has been one of a kind. Mental health issues or issues like insomnia are openly talked about and solved step by step, slowly and surely to ensure it's properly addressed and dealt with. They were VERY professional and based on personal experience, they made sure I was as comfortable as possible. I'd recommend this to anyone who needs such help!

Ajeya Nadig