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Comprehensive Psychodiagnostic Services at Prerana Hospital, Mysore: Elevate Your Mental Well-being

Psychodiagnostic Services

Our team of Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists utilizes a diverse range of tools and techniques for conducting thorough Psychiatric evaluations. Employing diagnostic instruments such as Electroencephalogram, Diagnostic Biofeedback, Psychiatric disorder rating scales, Personality disorder inventories, IQ assessment tools, and others, we arrive at a comprehensive diagnosis that encompasses the Biological (related to brain and nerves), Psychological (related to personality and coping skills), and Social (related to social stress factors and support systems) aspects of the disease. Subsequently, a holistic treatment plan is crafted to address each of these dimensions.

What Sets Our Psychodiagnostic Services Apart

At Prerana Hospital, our dedicated team of Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists employ advanced tools and techniques for a meticulous Psychiatric evaluation. This process aims to delve into the intricacies of neuropsychiatric disorders, ensuring a thorough understanding for accurate diagnoses.

Diagnostic Tools and Techniques

Our commitment to precision and holistic understanding is reflected in the array of diagnostic tools and equipment used by our experts. These include:

Electroencephalogram (EEG)

A non-invasive test that records electrical activity in the brain, helping identify neurological disorders.

Diagnostic Biofeedback

A technique that provides real-time information about physiological processes, aiding in stress management and mental health improvement.

Psychiatric Disorder Rating Scales

Standardized scales used to assess the severity of psychiatric symptoms, guiding diagnosis and treatment planning.

Personality Disorder Inventories

Tools to assess and understand personality traits, contributing to a comprehensive psychological evaluation.

IQ Assessment Tools

Objective measures to gauge intellectual abilities and cognitive functioning.

Why Choose Prerana Hospital

Comprehensive Diagnosis, Holistic Treatment

Prerana Hospital's Psychodiagnostic Services embrace a holistic approach, incorporating the Biological, Psychological, and Social aspects of disease. Our team utilizes the insights gathered from these assessments to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses the specific needs of each individual.

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Empower Your Mental Wellness Journey

Whether you seek "Pschodiagnostic Services in Mysore" or desire a comprehensive mental health assessment, Prerana Hospital is your trusted partner. Trust us to unlock valuable insights for your mental well-being. Your journey to mental wellness begins with Pschodiagnostic Services at Prerana Hospital.